Timms is top of the pile

Joseph Timms is celebrating after topping the leaderboard at Gedney Hill Golf Club’s President’s Day event.

His score of 43 points pushed Stuart Turnell (also 43 points) into second place on countback, with Stewart Shinkin (41 points) back in third.

Also victorious was Lynn Exley (38pts), who landed the Shirley Vase ahead of Marilyn Sayer (35 points) and Maggie Bingham (34 points) in second and third places respectively.

* Clive Newman’s score of 60 (nett) secured first place at the Gedney Hill 31st Anniversary Competition.
Shinkin (64) and Robin Exley (65) completed the podium.

* Other results: Men’s section: 3 Club – 1st Bryan Johnson 36pts; 2nd Nick Markillie 33pts; 3rd Clive Newman 31pts.
* Howard Pairs – 1st Stewart Shinkin & Lewis Field 49pts; 2nd Paul Hollely & Adrian McGoldrick 47pts; 3rd Adam Britton & Nick Markillie 46pts (ocb).
* July Medal – 1st Adam Britton 65 nett; 2nd Chris Davies 68 (ocb); 3rd Paul Hollely 68.
* Lombard Trophy – 1st James Busveids 62 nett; 2nd Joseph Timms 64 (ocb); 3rd Nigel Bright 64.
* Seniors’ section: 3 Club – 1st Paul Wood 38pts; 2nd Barry Stanford 37pts; 3rd John Venters 36pts.
* Tom Melvin Cup – 1st Steve Whyatt 43pts; 2nd Barry Hircock 40pts (ocb); 3rd Bob Townsend 40pts.
* R & S Trophy – 1st Steve Carter 41pts; 2nd David Lord 40pts; 3rd Steve Steels 36pts.
* Ladies’ section: Challenge Shield – 1st Marilyn Sayer 30pts (ocb); 2nd Lynn Exley 30pts; 3rd Kim Markillie 29pts.
* August Medal – 1st Lynn Exley 79 nett (ocb) 2nd Marilyn Sayer 79; 3rd Kim Markillie 80.

Sutton Bridge Golf Club

* Results: Ladies’ section: Hudson Cup – 1st Sarah Sheldrick; 2nd. Nicola Elphick; 3rd. Roz Fridholm.
* Nine-hole competition (1) – 1st Diana Coe; 2nd Jill McEwan; 3rd Janet Groves.
* August Medal – 1st Nicola Elphick; 2nd. Sarah Sheldrick; 3rd Karen Gillett.
* Nine-hole competition (2) – 1st Janet Groves; 2nd = Jill McEwan & Diana Coe.

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