All photos by DANPICS ©Stephen Daniels/DANPICS 19/07/202

The return to the dance floor

For the first time in 16 months dancers returned to the floor of a Spalding nightclub in the early hours of Monday morning.

XO was booked out in advance as restrictions were lifted at the Westlode Street venue.

DANPICS ©Stephen Daniels/DANPICS 19/07/2021

Owner Matt Clarke, said: “There was a lot more demand than we thought and everyone just seemed to have a great night.

DANPICS ©Stephen Daniels/DANPICS

“It was a really good atmosphere.

“I can’t wait for the weekend coming up now.

“Tickets are already on sale and we’ve had a lot of interest.”

DANPICS ©Stephen Daniels/DANPICS 19/07/2021

The mood was slightly hit by news this week that the government was planning to make it law that nightclubs could only open to the double vaccinated from September.

“I think we’ve found in the last 16 months you can’t trust the government. They’ve got a difficult job, but it feels like they’re trying to close us by stealth.

“They said vaccine passports wouldn’t be enforced and within hours they say it’ll come in.

DANPICS ©Stephen Daniels/DANPICS 19/07/2021

“Hopefully it’s to hurry people along to get vaccinated and then nearer to September they’ll drop the idea.

“We are doing what can to ensure that the environment is as safe as possible. Our staff are still wearing masks and we’ve taken on more cleaners who are sterilising services throughout where they can, as well as the air filtration system.”

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