Campaigner James Wilson-White.

Suspected Covid-19 patient with underlying health problems praises staff at Peterborough City Hospital

A Cowbit father of two who has a weakened immune system and suspected Covid-19 has praised the staff of Peterborough City Hospital.

James Wilson-White (45) was taken to hospital yesterday, but is now back home with wife Emma, who is looking after the family.

Despite the family having self-isolated, James who has Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), started developing symptoms about a week ago and has been trying to stay away from his family including daughter Abbie (9) and son Jenson (4) who has autism.

Struggling with a terrible cough and it becoming increasingly difficult to breath, Emma took him to Peterborough City Hospital yesterday.

“I feel rubbish,” he told The Voice from home today. “But I wanted to say how brilliant the staff at Peterborough City Hospital are.

“I possibly feel a tiny bit better today, but I’m still finding it difficult to breathe.

“I’m pretty sure I’ve got it, but I didn’t get tested. You only do get tested if you’re admitted to a specific ward and I’m not at that stage.

“It’s in the last two days that it has really got worse. Apparently it can stay in your body for up to 35 days.

“But I wanted to say that all the staff in Peterborough City Hospital are doing a brilliant job and I’m no stranger to hospitals.

“The doctors and nurses are really upbeat and helpful and doing the best they can.

“You’re taken to the Children’s Accident and Emergency ward as that’s been set up as an isolation unit.

“The staff have told me that my lungs are in good-ish condition and that if I have any more problems I’ve got to call 111 for an ambulance.

“I can’t thank the staff there enough.”

Despite his deliberating condition, James has continued to be as active as possible in the past few years, particularly raising awareness of CRPS through his love of motorsport and his organisation CRPS Awareness Racing 4 a Cure.

As well as the cough and fever symptoms of Covid-19, he has also lost his sense of smell and taste which he describes as ‘weird’.

He’s also feeling incredibly drained.

“With the pain from CRPS, I really struggle to sleep usually even at night,” James added. “But this is just leaving me so tired I have to sleep.

“I can’t event watch television without my eyelids feeling really heavy.”

Now back at home, life is continuing with Emma too showing symptoms.

James added: “It’s really difficult telling the little ones to keep away. With Jenson being autistic, he just doesn’t understand his daddy telling him not to come near.

“Abbie too wants to do her school work with us.

“It’s not easy at all but Emma is doing a fantastic job.

“As a family the biggest thing we’ve been struggling with now is shopping, but the group of volunteers that are helping people in the village are absolutely fantastic.

“They’ve been able to bring bread and milk as we’ve been trying to get shopping online and it’s pretty much booked up.”

James is a long-standing campaigner of raising awareness of (CPRS) particularly through his love of motor-sport.

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