Students earn place at national exhibition

Students from Spalding Grammar School have had their work displayed at a top national arts exhibition.


Four A-Level artists were entered into the National Students Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London where their work featured alongside paintings from some of the finest professional artists.


Tom Beardwell, a Year 13 veteran of this competition, produced ‘Chimera’ – an extraordinarily accomplished sculpture in polymer clay with a wolf’s exterior peeled away in places to reveal a human skeleton underneath.


Cameron Bray, a highly talented Year 12 student, had a wonderfully contemplative, spray painted portrait titled ‘Lois’ displayed.


Dan Pearce, another star of Year 12, produced an exquisite, abstract acrylic painting on the subject of his hobby, titled ‘Taekwondo Ballet.’


Monika Watras, a highly diligent Year 13 student who just missed getting selected last year, was successful this time around with a Terminator-styled acrylic portrait of her boyfriend entitled ‘SIMCA 1000’.


Currently in its 15th year, the National Students Art Exhibition is held under the patronage of the Royal Society of British Artists.


The official opening and the exhibition itself is in the Mall Galleries, just around the corner from Trafalgar Square.


Shelley Livingstone, head of art and design at the school, explained that this year was joint strongest ever for results from her students.


She said: “It is a truly inspirational annual event, celebrating gifted and talented students in schools, colleges and academies from across the country.


“It was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate ‘the best of the best’ and to inspire an upcoming generation.


“Most of these exceptional students have a creative career planned for their future.


“In the mix we have a future professional special effects designer, a fine artist, an architect and a lawyer.


“We congratulate them on their recent success in this challenging exhibition and we wish them well in their future endeavours.”

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