Spalding traders in talks over BID move to fund new town centre manager

Traders in Spalding are to be canvassed again on whether they want to be part of a business improvement district (BID).

The proposal – first mooted and rejected in 2009 – is being driven by the imminent departure from his post of Spalding town centre manager Dennis Hannant.

A BID is a defined area in which all business rate payers pay a levy to support beneficial projects. In this case, it would be to provide funding to extend the post of town centre manager.

Spalding town centre management board chairman Matt Clark said: “We have already sounded out some traders about forming a BID and some retailers have met to discuss in depth what they would like to see and what a BID could deliver.
“The next step is a feasibility study, funded by the TCM board, which will take in about 20 to 25 per cent of businesses in the town centre.”

A provisional BID area includes parts of Pinchbeck Road, High Street and Winsover Road.
Mr Clark added: “The idea is to investigate any potential funding streams to keep a town centre manager in place. With no European funding available now, either a BID or the potential of the TCM board taking on some council services would be a way.”

A report on the feasibility study is expected to be presented to the TCM board in early September.

Funding for the manager’s salary was supported by the Springfields S106 pot. The amount covering the remainder of Mr Hannant’s contract will be returned to the pot for redistribution.

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