Spalding Town Centre Management Board in November 2014: Back (from left) – Phil Scarlett, Robert West, Pete Williams, Nigel Burch, Insp Jim Tyner; front – Paul Turnell, Dennis Hannant, chairman Matt Clark and David Norton. Photo: VNG131114-58

Spalding town centre manager leaving role early

Dennis Hannant

Dennis Hannant

Spalding will be without a town centre manager – temporarily at least – from September.

Current encumbent Dennis Hannant is leaving the role early on August 31 “by mutual agreement”.

Matt Clark, chairman of Spalding town centre management board, said Mr Hannant, who took up the role in November 2014, had made it clear then that he was happy to get the role up and running but he viewed his part as a short-term appointment.

Mr Clark said: “My personal experience with Dennis is that he is a sterling town centre manager, and community leader. His hard work and dedication to the role, the board, the local traders and the town as a whole is exceptional.
“It has never been an easy task, to work with so many in trying to achieve so much, therefore his perseverance certainly deserves applause.”

Mr Hannant was given the job after a difficult appointment process for the board.

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