Spalding taxi firm will pick up your food and meds during coronavirus

A Spalding taxi firm is offering to pick up food and medicine for those that are self-isolating due to coronavirus.

Smart Cabs and the company’s fleet of drivers are looking to help as many as possible by offering the pick up service in the town.

As well as their usual taxi service, the company will be able to pick up some shopping or medicine for the elderly or vulnerable who may need it most.

A spokesman for the company said: “For our house-bound customers who are elderly and vulnerable, and for those who are having to self isolate following the coronavirus outbreak, we are offering a grocery pick-up service, which will be arranged between the hours of 10am-2pm, from Monday to Saturday.

“Smart Cabs can pick up basic essential shopping items from the local supermarket, and any medication required.

“We will offer this service until further notice or until the government can confirm the situation has improved.”

Anyone with requests can contact Smart Cabs on 01775 767676 or you can visit the Smart Cabs Facebook page.

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