Global Foods in Winsover Road, Spalding

Spalding shop refused alcohol licence

A Spalding shop has been refused permission to sell alcohol after owners were unable to prove they have moved on from historic failings.

On Thursday (April 22) South Holland District Council’s Panel of the Committee of the Licensing Authority rejected Global Foods’ application for a Premises Licence to sell alcohol.

Global Foods, based on Winsover Road, had applied for the new licence after a previous individual had seen it revoked in 2015 for involvement in the sale of non-duty paid good and consistent non-compliance with licensing conditions. The panel had rejected two further applications in 2016 and 2017, with the latest applicant having been involved in the premises at the time of these original issues.

Following the most recent application, Lincolnshire Police had attempted to contact the applicant to discuss what steps needed to be taken to receive a licence, but this request had been ignored. During the hearing it became clear that the applicant had limited familiarity with the required licensing objectives and was also unable to evidence that staff had received the appropriate training to sell alcohol safely.

Further investigation also revealed that the Designated Premises Supervisor did not work at the shop and that they had no direct involvement in training or the development of policies and procedures. Given the premises’ previous issues this was also a cause of significant concern for the panel. 

With this information in mind, the panel decided that there were no conditions that could be imposed that would make it appropriate to grant a new Premises Licence to the shop. As a result, the application was rejected and the premises is not authorised to sell alcohol at this time.

A spokesman for South Holland District Council said: “As a council we are here to support businesses in the district and help them to grow and succeed, but it is also our responsibility to take a strong stance against any who do not adhere to the required laws, potentially putting people at risk.

“We will always do everything we can to ensure the safety and protection of our residents and shoppers in South Holland, and hope that results like this send the message to other businesses that we will take action wherever necessary.”

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