Spalding band want Bloodstock billing

A Spalding band are looking to realise the dream of playing at one of the UK’s top heavy metal festivals.

Buried By My Heartache are hoping to join the likes of Judas Priest, Skindred and Napalm Death at Bloodstock in August.

To do so the five piece are looking to win the Metal to the Masses battle of the bands taking place in Colchester on July 3.

“There are heats going on around the UK and we are in the Essex region,” said the band’s drummer and co-founder Michael ‘Chippy’ Chipperfield. “We’ve been shortlisted in the last ten and we’re hoping to go through to the next round.

“Bloodstock put on some very, very big bands.

“The likes of Iron Maiden have headlined before and to get to the festival would just be an incredible thing for the band.

“Metal is my life. Just seeing our band logo next to the Bloodstock logo on the posters for Metal to the Masses is exciting enough.

“It’s amazing enough a Spalding band has even got the chance to play there.”

Buried By My Heartache formed just three years ago after Chippy started jamming with guitarist Jason ‘JazzyCal’ Joyce.
Joining them are Jo Lawless on lead guitars, Matt ‘Munkey’ Wood on vocals, and Matt ‘Matty7’ Haynes on bass.

They list Bullet For My Valentine, Five Finger Death Punch, Trivium, Killswitch Engage and Metallica as influences.

The latter’s James Hetfield is an obvious influence on Lawless’s vocals that wind around the intricately structured but still melodic songs.

Of course for nearly half of the time they’ve been together though they’ve been unable to play gigs after COVID-19 decimated the live music scene.

Hopefully things continue to get closer to normal in the next few weeks, but the band has continued to work on their music and currently readying the self-funded debut EP they’re recording with Sam Reece.

Chippy says that’s about “85 per cent” complete and hopes it’s out around the end of May and in time for hopeful gigs.

“We’ve been able to work on new material and produce it, during the lockdown,” Chippy continues. “One of our songs recently got over a thousand views on Facebook (Heal Your Hurting).

“I think the EP is going to be six track and we’re just putting the final touches and vocals down.

“We’ve already started writing our album which is going to be out next year.

“Just bringing this first EP out is amazing. It’s sounding very professional and the quality is just unreal.

“We’re just five guys working our backsides off and who have also become real friends.”

For more on the band, including their music, you can visit their website or search for Buried By My Heartache on Facebook, Instagram or You Tube.

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