PCSO Tim Nicholls has delivered the soil to three schools in Spalding.

South Holland police dish out dirt from raids

Soil found on South Holland Police drugs raids has been donated to three local schools.

Unopened bags of soil seized on the raids have been donated to Wygate Academy, Spalding Primary School and St Paul’s County Primary School to be used in school gardens.

The idea came from PCSO Tim Nicholls who hand-delivered the soil to the schools.

It’s the second time South Holland Police have made such donations.

Inspector Gareth Boxall, said: “We often conduct searches of premises where we find offenders either growing or preparing to grow cannabis.

“We will seize what is required as evidence but often find unopened bags of good quality compost.

“Rather than dispose of these, one of our sergeants came up with the excellent idea of donating these to local schools to use in their vegetable patches and gardens.

“This is the second time we have done this in South Holland and we will do it again where we can in the future.”

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