Greenyard's Pinchbeck distribution centre.

South Holland companies announce collaboration

Two South Holland companies have announced they’ve signed up to ‘a closer collaboration’.

Greenyard Fresh UK and logistics and fresh produce packing specialists, Produce Logistics, have signed an
agreement which includes the latter operating directly from the former’s distribution centre in Pinchbeck

It utilises Greenyard ripening and packing products on their behalf.

A Greenyard spokesman said: “The collaboration is not new with both companies having worked together closely for many years. As this collaboration has worked so well, they took the opportunity to further cement their relationship with this formal agreement.

“The new agreement underlines the importance of a company like Greenyard Fresh UK, providing to
partners highly efficient specialised ripening and packing resources.

“This ensures UK customers also benefit from receiving their fresh produce, expertly packed in the tightly controlled conditions of Greenyard’s state-of-the-art packhouse facility.

“The whole operation is more efficient, meaning the customer can have even more confidence in the quality
of the produce.”

Bill Mathieson, Managing Director of Greenyard Fresh UK said: “This is a great opportunity to collaborate
and benefit from the respective scale and efficiency this arrangement will bring to our operations.

“As a result, this will allow us to continue to support our key customers with great service, quality and value.”

A spokesperson for Produce Logistics added: “We see this as a great way to collaborate operationally to help achieve sustainability and meet our customers’ expectations.”


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