Services C sitting pretty at top of snooker Division One

A 5-1 win for Services C has seen them take the top spot in Division One in the Spalding and District Snooker League.

They beat Pyramid C, with Jason Green (O56) the only winner for the home team.
Services’ wins came from Craig Fitter (O63), Jordan Philpott (R7), Kevin Fitter (O14) and Shane Cummins (O14).
Consti E are holding on to second place despite their match against Consti G being cancelled.
In third, on the same points, are Bourne SC A, who lost 4-2 away at Sutton Bridge.
Winners for Bridge were Thomas Horspool (O42), Mick Tiller (scr) and Shane Balding (O56), who took the deciding frame with breaks of 24 and 23 along the way.
Boundary A are sitting in fourth place after beating Holbeach D 4-2.
Pete King (scr), Tim Borrow (R14) and Steve Smith (R14) were the victors for Boundary.
Paul Daw (O21) and Wayne Forbelets (O21) got the points for Holbeach D.
Holbeach C beat Bourne SC B 4-2 thanks to wins from Terry West (R7), Nick Edwards (R7) and Paul Ashton (R14).
The first frame in the match between Services A and Holbeach E was a nail biter.
Chris Dunmore (O35) took on Chris Back (O56) with Dunmore getting a 40 break and Back knocking in a 42.
Back finally took the honours on the black, winning by a single point.
Phil Spencer (O7) and Jake Haslam (O14) won the next two frames for Services, before Pete Ransom (O28) evened the scoreline with a win over Courtney Boulding (R21).
In the deciding frame, Kev Emerson beat Phil Coaten (021) to take the win for Services.
Division Two has two teams – Consti B and Pyramid A – tied in first place on 32 points each.
Consti beat friendly foe Consti F 5-1.
Winners for the B team were John Christian (R7), Martin Fear (O7), Mick Johnson (O28) and Steve Spencer (R21).
Martyn Stanley (R21) got the lone point for Consti F.
Pyramid A also won 5-1, beating Services D.
Services took the first frame courtesy of Joely Shears (R7), but it went downhill from then with Michael Twell (R14) (twice), Matthew Chapman (O7) and John Twell (scr) all winning.
Donington A are sitting in third. They beat Gosberton A 5-1.
Victors for Donington were Jean Thompson (R28), John George (scr), Kevin Hawes (O7) and Tony Scully (O35).
Jamie Mumby (O7) got the win for Gosberton.
Holbeach A, who are in fourth place, got a 4-2 home win over Whittlesey C.
Derek Beba (R7) took the first frame for Holbeach, before Paul Cook (O14) hit back for Whittlesey.
Wayne Dent made it 2-1 to Holbeach and then Stuart Atkin (O42) sealed the match with a win over Jason Bloomfield (O21).
Simon Parker (O7) beat Steve Dent (scr) on the black in the final frame to give Whittlesey an extra point.
Pyramid B beat Donington B 5-1 away.
Pete Burrell (scr) won the first frame for Donington, before Carl Kelham (scr) (twice), Darren Hibbins (scr) and Roy Jackson (R14) took the next four frames.
Services B went down 4-2 at home to Pyramid D who are in fifth place.
Tim Nash (O21) and Paul Doades (scr) got Services off to a good start, beating Josh Agger (O14) and Marcus Hamilton (O28) respectively before James Sharpe (O42), Reegan Cooke-Holmes (O14) and Peter Sharpe-Grose (R7) took the next three frames and the match for Pyramid.
Gosberton D are propping up the division with just one win from seven matches.
They lost 4-2 to Holbeach B, thanks to wins from Charlie Mullane (R21),Pete Mullane (O28) and Neil Harvey (O14).
Holbeach F are top of Division Three, having won six matches out of the seven played.
They won again this week, beating Donington D 5-1.
Winners were David Lefley (R28), Susan Lefley (R28), Dan Mayfield (O28) and James Quinton (O7).
Dan Sawdy (scr) took the frame for bottom-of-the-table Donington.
Gosberton C are in second place, six points behind Holbeach, after beating Consti C 5-1.
Consti I are third despite losing 4-2 to clubmates Consti J.
Les Andrew (scr), Trevor Braybrook (R14) and Stewart Davies (O14) were winners for the J team, while Jonathan Smith (R21) and David Twelves (scr) took the points for the I team.
Whittlesey B came out on top in their match against clubmates Whittlesey A.
They won 4-2 thanks to victories from Pawel Skutela (R7), Michael Foster (O14) and John Skutela (scr).
Andy Blythe (O7) beat Andy Skutela (R14) and Malc Bruce (scr) beat Kerry Skutela (R28) to take two points for the A team.
Pyramid E took the spoils when they visited Gosberton B.
Winners were Neil McLean (R7), Steven Thompson (R14) and Adrian Sharpe (O28).
Results: Division One – Holbeach D 2 Boundary A 4, Pyramid C 1 Services C 5, Sutton Bridge 4 Bourne SC A 2, Bourne SC B 2 Holbeach C 4, Services A 4 Holbeach E 2, Consti H 4 Donington C 2, Consti E P Consti G P.
Division Two – Services B 2 Pyramid D 4, Consti B 5 Consti F 1, Pyramid A Services D, Donington B 1 Pyramid B 5, Gosberton D 2 Holbeach B 4, Donington A 5 Gosberton A 1, Holbeach A 4 Whittlesey C 2.
Division Three – Holbeach F 5 Donington D 1, Consti I 2 Consti J 4, Gosberton B 2 Pyramid E 4, Whittlesey A 2 Whittlesey B 4, Consti C 1 Gosberton C 5, Boundary B 1 Consti D 5, Consti A free week.

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