Senior deputy head teacher Claire Moore, assistant head Toni Wand and Nicky Jones, family liaison officer

SEND schools’ donations

Staff, parents and pupils at Spalding’s SEND (Special Education Needs and Disability) schools have been doing their bit for Ukrainian refugees.
The Garth and The Priory schools have both been collecting goods.
Senior deputy head Claire Moore said: “As a school community, we are deeply saddened with regards to the tragedy currently unfolding in Ukraine and desperately wanted to help.
“To support our pupils with a level of understanding, each class has accessed a class assembly this week which has focused on what is happening and how we can help, with the use of objects of reference and key symbols and pictures.
“Further work has been undertaken associated with the Ukrainian flag and the two colours; yellow and blue, hence our Yellow and Blue day in school, which raised a staggering £145.59.
“All items of donations have been sorted, boxed up and taken to a local collection point, at The Methodist Church in Spalding.
“Thank you very much to parents, carers, staff, pupils and everyone else who has supported The Garth School.”

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