School’s Hilltop adventure

Year Five and Six students at Ayscoughfee Hall School have been challenging themselves on a residential trip to Hilltop Camp in Sheringham.

The four day trip to Norfolk was a huge success.

A spokesman said: “The children whizzed down zip wires, climbed, abseiled, rode bikes, fired arrows, created amazing woodland shelters, gathered wood to light fires to heat water and toast marshmallows and walked to Sheringham over Beeston Bump.

“They have all discovered what they are truly capable of not just on activities that took them out of their comfort zone but in staying away from home, working as a team to encourage each other and the teachers to achieve great things.

“The children were an absolute pleasure to take on this trip, they were complimented many times by all the instructors and Hilltop staff as well as members of the public on our walk into Sheringham and enthusiastically risen to every challenge! (including a very wet Friday).”

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