Members of the Spalding branch of the Inner Wheel Club.

Rolling with the Inner Wheel

A group for women who meet regularly is on the lookout for new members.
The Spalding branch of the Inner Wheel Club of Great Britain is set for the organisation’s 100th anniversary celebrations in three years.
It was set up in 1924 to help the poor in Manchester.
It’s now grown to 104 countries with 108,000 members and is based on the ethos of promoting true friendship, encouraging the ideals of personal service and to foster international understanding.
The Spalding club’s secretary Pam Clay said: “We meet regularly and have a full and varied programme through which friendships are built and maintained.
“Inner Wheel is dedicated to helping the community locally, nationally and internationally.
“We respond to national and international emergencies such as earthquakes and floods and are constantly thinking of ways to raise funds to help with these.
“In the last two years Inner Wheel in Great Britain and Ireland has raised £3million for a variety of charities.
“Here in Spalding we have a very active club which meets once a month at Welland Yacht Club and we enjoy an afternoon or evening of fun and friendship. Sometimes we go for a meal or meet up for a coffee.
“At times we run a stall in the market or at the hospital fete to raise money.
“We hold events such as an annual sausage sizzle to celebrate Inner Wheel Day, a ‘frugal’ lunch and a cheese and pate evening.
“We collect items to give to the local food bank or women’s refuge and regularly send items to needy causes nationally and internationally.
“One of our latest ventures has been to purchase small rucksacks for children and fill them with pencils, notebooks, toiletries, balls, T-shirts and other suitable items to be sent abroad to children in earthquake and war zones.
“Our club gets together regularly with other Inner Wheel clubs in the area for lunches, quizzes or minor sports.
“We are keen to invite anyone to join us who feels they can contribute their time and enthusiasm to a very worthwhile organisation.”
For more information contact Pauline Start on 01406 380599 or email

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