Paul Grimwood (left) stood between the knifeman and the victim before Les Mckenna (right) gave chase.

Pub regulars step in to halt knife attack

Regulars at a Spalding pub rallied around to step in and halt a knife attack that took place nearby.

A woman was injured in the incident on Little London around 4.15pm on Tuesday, March 19.
But it could have been worse had Paul Grimwood not stood between the victim and the perpetrator, who he said, was wielding a knife at the time.
Les Mckenna then attempted to catch the knifeman, chasing him to a car.
Both men were in the Drayman’s Arms pub when the incident happened a few metres down the road.
“A person ran into the pub and said her friend was being attacked,” said Paul. “I just got out there as quick as I could.
“I saw the person near a car and it looked like they were punching someone.
“I ran up and got between them then shut the car door.
“It was just instinct to get in the way.
“I then suddenly saw that he had a knife.
“I just told him aggressively to get back and if he wanted to hurt her he’d have to get through me.
“I was scared then, but he wasn’t expecting someone to be aggressive so he started to back away but he wouldn’t take his eye off me. I told him to put the knife down.”
“Someone shouted that she’d been stabbed and then he saw Les running towards him.”
It was at that point Les gave chase. A regular at the pub, he was actually working there when the incident took place.
“It’s when the training kicks in,” said the former Army squaddie. “I’d just about caught up with him when he got in the car still brandishing the knife.
“I grabbed on to the wing mirror that came off and shouted for everyone to get clear because I was fearing for everyone’s safety.”
Others then came from the pub to give initial first aid to the victim who had suffered a wound, that Lincolnshire Police said they believe was caused by a knife.
The group included Alan Hendry and Amy Newton, the daughter of the landlord Rick, who was working behind the bar and is its designated first aider.
“The whole community of the Drayman’s came to the fore,” said Les. “Everyone helped out where they could.
“It was a chaotic scene when I first arrived but Paul really calmed it down and took control.
“It’s a community pub,” added Paul, who runs the Flamecraft store in Weston. “We all support and look after each other.”
A Spalding man was arrested and charged with wounding with intent and possession of a knife.
A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said he was remanded in custody.
“The victim sustained injuries believed to have been caused by a knife,” a spokesman said.
“Thankfully her injuries are not life-threatening.”

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