Promotion or relegation ruled out if cricket season resumes

No promotion or relegation is being proposed for any cricket leagues in Lincolnshire if the season is ever re-started.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak not a single ball has been bowled in the leagues so far this season.

But despite there being no guarantee playing restrictions will be lifted before winter, Lincolnshire Cricket said in a statement that it is “prepared to be creative” to get competitive cricket going when allowed to do so this summer.

The statement reads: “Our guiding principle for decision-making regarding the 2020 season is the health and wellbeing of all our cricket community.

“Recreational cricket can only resume when the government and the ECB have given approval for it to do so and provided the recreational game with detailed guidance.

“Lincolnshire Cricket and participating leagues are focussed on providing clubs with the opportunity to play appropriate and meaningful/competitive cricket, when and if the opportunity arises.

“Lincolnshire Cricket and all leagues are prepared to be creative to make best use of any windows of opportunity available to play the game, noting that there will be restrictions such as venue sharing and ground availability to be considered.

“There is acknowledgement that a fair and appropriate notice period will be required by clubs ahead of any resumption. (Most feedback seems to suggest two weeks maximum for this).

“No league will impose any penalties on clubs who are unable to use their facilities through no fault of their own, or upon those who are unable to field teams due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns.

“No senior league will get involved in any return to adaptive play (if it is permitted) in July, this will be left to clubs to decide if they wish to do this themselves. The leagues have decided or would recommend there will be no promotion or relegation within, in to, or out of their competitions based on fixtures played in 2020.”

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