Preparing for a General Election

South Holland and the Deepings is the only parliamentary constituency in the county remaining untouched ahead of July’s general election.

Ten of the 11 constituencies in Lincolnshire have had changes approved by the Boundary Commission to ensure each has a roughly similar number of voters.
One of the biggest changes will be the new constituency of Grantham and Bourne which replaces Grantham and Stamford as the latter is now part of the Stamford and Rutland.
But there have been no changes to the South Holland and the Deepings constituency where Sir John Hayes has been the incumbent since it was first contested in 1997.
The new seat was created from the former seats of Holland with Boston and Stamford and Spalding.
In the last election of 2019, Sir John took 75.9 per cent of the votes cast. Labour’s Mark Popple had 13.2 per cent and the Liberal Democrat candidate Davina Kirby 6.6 per cent.
Those who have so far announced they are standing for this year’s election are: Sir John Hayes (Cons), Paul Hilliar (Lab), Jack Braginton (LibDem), Rhys Baker (Green), Mark Le Sage (Independent) and the Reform Party has yet to name its candidate.
This year will see the first July General Election since 1945 when Clement Attlee took up residence at Number 10 Downing Street.
Local concerns range from the future of the Spalding Flower Parade to the amount of money is paid to drainage boards from council tax bills from local authorities.
A number of primary schools will be closed on July 4 as they also act as polling stations.
Voters will also need to remember to take photo ID when voting.
Among the acceptable forms of identification are passports, driving licences, older or disabled person’s bus passes.
Out of date photo ID can be used as long as the holder’s appearance hasn’t changed.
There are a total of 22 acceptable forms of ID for voters, but if none apply then a Voter Authority Certificate can be issued. The full details are on the website
Face coverings, including those worn for religious or medical reasons, will have to be briefly removed to ensure the photo ID is correct.

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