Police warning after spate of burglaries in Holbeach

More burglaries were reported in Holbeach in just over a month than in the first four months of the year put together leading to a warning to residents from police.

South Holland Police have asked homeowners to be vigilant after 10 burglaries have been recorded in the town since May 1.
That’s compared with the nine burglaries reported in 2024 before that date.
Police say the majority of incidents were at residential properties and nearby buildings and took place between 11pm and 7.30am.
“We are now warning people to keep their eyes peeled and report suspicious activity to us,” a spokesman for South Holland Police said. “We do not wish to cause alarm, but we want people to have the information they need to protect their belongings.
“Offenders have used a variety of methods to break into properties, including breaking locks on rear doors.
“Other methods used have seen a paver put through a glazed patio door and a front door being forced open.
“Cash, jewellery, electricals, power tools, wallets and purses are among the items targeted.
“One recent incident saw the keys to a 4×4 stolen.
“We are investigating and pursuing all lines of enquiry to bring those responsible for these crimes to justice and would again, urge anyone with any information to get in contact with the force.”
Officers also listed some crime prevention recommendations:
l Consider if your locks need upgrading to a professionally fitted anti-snap lock. You can find a local locksmith on the Master Locksmiths Association website.
l Immobilise where you can log your valuables and record serial numbers – this helps police investigations and means you are more likely to get your property back if it’s stolen.
l Become part of your local Neighbourhood Watch, you’ll be joining other like-minded neighbours who, by keeping their eyes and ears open, help to keep potential criminals out of the area.
l If setting off on holiday, before you go, think about any visual indications that your home is empty. For example, is your mail visible and likely to pile up on your doormat? Have you left your bin out for collection? You may have a neighbour who can bring your bins in and keep an eye out for your home and you can do the same in return.
l You can also look for Lincolnshire Police’s Beating Burglary Together campaign online.

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