South Holland District Council offices.

Plans for development of 40 affordable homes recommended for approval

Plans for a development of more than 40 affordable rental homes is set for approval despite a raft of objections.

Minster Property Group has submitted the proposals for a site at Locksmill Farm, Cowbit Road, Spalding which is due to be discussed next week.

Members of the planning committee at South Holland District Council are recommended to approve the plans.

But public objections ranged from allegedly breaching the Local Plan to over-development and highways issues.

“This development will assist in meeting the affordable housing needs of the district,” says the report.

“The current scheme has been developed in consultation with housing officers in order to tailor the proposed mix, type and tenure of the affordable homes as closely as possible to local requirements,” members of the committee will be told.

A total of 17 homes will have three bedrooms, 16 two bedrooms, two bungalows with two bedrooms, one house with four bedrooms and six properties with one bedroom.

None of the homes will be for sale.

The site is outside the settlement limit, but the report stays the development will help to meet a housing need.

As Minster is a registered provider of affordable housing, it will have access to grant funding.

“Whilst there is no evidence that community consultation has been carried out, it is noted that the application does relate to a site where there has already been permission for residential development and consultation will have been done on the basis of that submission,” says the report.

Alongside the homes will be a new adoptable road and a footway. There will also be some additional tree planting around the site.

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