Simon Naylor CEO Naylor Farms

Plans for £20m processing plant

One of Europe’s largest growers of coleslaw cabbage is planning a £20m eco-friendly plant in Spalding.

Naylor Farms say it’s looking to create around 150 new jobs at the Rangell Gate site, if the planning application is approved.

The site will be dedicated to a new type of plant-based extraction and the £20m investment and additional funding will help support further research and development in the field.

“Innovation, quality and the environment have always been at the core of our farming business and this new, plant-based processing plant, will help answer the world’s need to nutritious plant-based food. It is being built on our land, so the food miles from field to processing are at a minimum,” said Simon Naylor, (pictured) CEO of Naylor Farms.

“South Lincolnshire is a natural food hub where growers, processors and logistics firms work together to create a more efficient supply chain which is complemented with a skilled workforce and this site will provide a varied array of job opportunities for local people,” he added.

The new building will include rainwater collection and recycling along with surplus heat being used to heat offices.

There will also be a meadow created and a small woodland area to help ‘naturalise’ the building.

The development will also have charging points for electric vehicles and a cycle to work scheme to encourage staff to bike to the plant.

Lincoln University will also be involved with the development and creation of an in-house learning and research centre at the factory.

Naylors Farms started life in 1909 with William Naylor and has gone on to be one of the largest producers and is the only grower of pink cabbages in Europe.

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