DH 87 Hornet Moth, g-ADMT. Photo by Alastair Goodrum

Plane sailing at Fenland

Blue skies, fluffy white clouds and sunshine brought aeroplanes and onlookers to Fenland airfield, Holbeach St John for the annual Tulip Fly-in.

Sixty aeroplanes flew in from all over the country; some from as far away as Hampshire, to take part in the Vintage Aircraft Club (VAC) ‘Tulip Fly-in’ at the Fenland venue.
It was part of the VAC’s programme of visits to airfields around the country.
In the warm sunshine, visitors brought a myriad of light-aeroplanes types, among which were interesting and colourful aircraft such as a 1932 Great Lakes trainer; a 1936 De Havilland Hornet Moth; a 1941 Stearman PT-17 bi-plane trainer and a 1947 twin-engine Miles Gemini, to name just a few.
With aircraft arriving from early morning and stragglers still departing in late-afternoon, it was a long and very busy day for the control-tower team.
The marshalling staff worked hard to keep everyone safe on the ground and to handle the parking of so many aircraft.
It is many years since the normal aircraft park was seen so full that the edge of the main runway; was also occupied by an unbroken line of parked aeroplanes.

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