Plan for children’s home gets thumbs up

A Long Sutton house is set to be turned into a children’s home.

24/7 Support UK Limited have been given planning permission to turn a property on Wisbech Road into a place for three children to live alongside six members of staff.

Documents submitted with the application state: “The aim of such a facility is to simulate a family dwelling, with the children experiencing the average family arrangement by attending the local schools and experiencing the local facilities.

“Each child would have their own individual bedroom and the living spaces and private garden would be shared just like the average family home.”

It came before South Holland District Council’s Planning Committee following representations by Coun Jack Tyrrell.

“These children are not three or four, I’ve been told they’re 17,” he said. “This is not a residential area. It’s a busy road and is it the right place?

“I think it should be on a residential area where there are other kids and facilities.

“These are supposed to be troubled kids coming here to integrate with other kids, that’s not going to happen on a busy road where they can’t play.”

Nyasha Banhire, director of 24/7 Support, told the meeting: “What we are trying to achieve is a normal residential setting for children who are in care.

“We’ve been trying to find a place in Lincolnshire. They could otherwise go across the country.

“I’m aware of the shared anxieties of people who don’t want a care home in their area.

“My plea is: where should these vulnerable children go, who are the future of tomorrow who want to live like anyone of us?

“We as a society in partnership with the council should be protecting these vulnerable children.”
Councillors backed the idea.

Coun Rodney Grocock said he was “extremely pleased this application has come along”.

“Lincolnshire County Council has a children’s service that’s second to none.

“I was very impressed with the way it deals with children and I think this gives the district a chance to help in that mode.

“I understand what Jack’s saying but I don’t agree with him.

“All children want is love and then they can get on the right track if they’ve been ‘troubled’ and we don’t actually know if these children are ‘troubled’.

“If they haven’t got a home to live then I think they deserve a home to live.”

Coun Christine Lawton said: “I’ve been at a residential care home for children with problems and it was wonderful to see the work put in by the staff at that facility. It was eye-opening, it was wonderful what they do.

“There were problems occasionally but on the whole they behaved very well.

“Transport will be laid on to take them to school and college so they won’t be hanging around outside this home.

“If not here, then where? There’s always somewhere else for these people to be and they will find a reason for it not to be there but the need for it is self-evident.

“I hope this will be a success.”

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