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Petition to save village bakery

Almost 200 people have signed a petition in a bid to save their village bakery from closure.

At present McColls in Gedney Hill has its own bakery providing freshly baked goods every day, however from August 18 the shop will be franchised out to Morrison’s, the bakery will be closed and the two bakers made redundant.
Disappointed residents have launched an online petition to make their feelings known in the hope that Morrison’s will reconsider the decision.

The petition says: “The products supplied by Morrison’s will be baked frozen goods as opposed to freshly made.
“McColls are keen to ‘bring the best product offer, and convenient services, to all the local communities they serve, so they can achieve their vision to be our neighbourhood’s favourite shop’ however, by taking away our freshly baked bread and pastries, they will not be catering for our needs but instead their profits.

“Together we need to show McColls that this is more than a simple bakery. This is a service people look forward to using when they come fishing, camping etc, but above all, it is a service that our community loves.

“Furthermore, it will also have an impact on the bakers who will both be out of a job because of this.”
Jennie Mead, who lives in the village, has written to McColls’ head office, saying: “The bakery and shop are the beating heart of our village.

“The bakery is a lifeline for elderly people living on their own; for families it provides a quick meal or snack.

“We do not think you can compare the produce from the bakery with the part cooked, steamed bakery items that may replace them.

“Every day the bakery section is well stocked with an assortment of fresh bread, French sticks, rolls, savoury tarts, pasties and a wide variety of cakes and pastries. Our bakers are approachable and ensure they provide special orders for any of us when needed.

“If our bakery goes, there will not be the same reason to go to our village shop, it may be easier for us all to get in the car and drive to the large supermarkets in our nearest towns.”

A post on the Gedney Hill Village Life Facebook page has attracted 116 comment with the majority lamenting the loss of the bakery.

You can sign the petition at

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