The fair in 2019.

Petition calls for Spalding fun fair to be moved

A woman has launched a petition calling for the fun fair that visits Spalding to be moved to a new location.

Roger Tuby and Sons’ event is usually on Victoria Street car park in May and the October every year.

But the petition, set up by Spalding resident Jackie Allen is calling for it to be moved elsewhere with the Castle Sports Complex and Springfields among suggestions.

The petition is on entitled ‘Moving the Spalding Funfair to a better location’.

It states: “When the funfair is in Spalding, no one can use Victoria Street car park to park their cars to visit local businesses or the town centre.

“Residents cannot park there. Business owners and staff cannot park there.

“This means that those who utilise the parking (and many pay for an annual pass) have to find other areas to park, which puts pressure on the already limited parking in the town.

“During the fair, there is increased noise, rubbish and traffic in the area leading to anti-social behaviour.

“The majority of visitors to the fair are young people who get dropped off at the fair by parents, however there is limited safe parking for them to do so. This is an increased risk to people’s safety.

“Despite the above, the funfair is a popular destination for residents of South Holland and this petition is not to cease the fun fair altogether. It is not disputed that the fun fair generates income for SHDC although the amount is seen as menial for the amount of disruption it causes.

“It is therefore proposed that the fair is moved to a more convenient, practical and safe area. One suggestion is the underused Castle Sports Field so SHDC can still generate an income. Another suggestion is Springfields Exhibition Centre grounds where there is ample space for the funfair and people to park and be dropped off/picked up safely.”

Ms Allen, who set up the petition, said: “SHDC get a menial £615 per visit which doesn’t justify the amount of disruption is causes to local residents, business owners and visitors.”

The petition is available here.

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