The Ayscoughfee War Memorial. Photo: VNG080614-34

Permission for CCTV and drain given

Ayscoughfee Hall is set to have CCTV installed and new drains put around the war memorial.

South Holland District Council’s Planning Committee last week granted approval for the listed building alterations.
The drain for the war memorial was initially suggested as part of a 2019 survey.
Coun Elizabeth Sneath said: “We often call Ayscoughfee the jewels in our crown. It’s an overused phrase but true in this instant.
“The memorial is of local and national importance being Grade I listed, the highest possible.
“We now have the opportunity to just show how much we love and cherish this beloved and unique memorial.
“The plans will secure it for the next 100 years.”
The CCTV is planned to be installed to provide more safety measures for when the Spalding Gentleman’s Society moves some of its collection to Ayscoughfee while its Broad Street base undergoes renovations.
A public consultation on whether it should be implemented has not yet been finished, the meeting was told.
No details about where that consultation is or where people can put views across have been provided.
Coun Gary Taylor said external funding had been secured for the project.
“It may be able to deter crime as well as leading to enforcement,” he said. “We know there is that minority out there that shows no respect for the public’s property.”
Coun Allan Beal told the committee that he would be happy for it to continue to be in place event after the SGS artefacts are removed.

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