Parents hear about the merger of two Spalding school

Parents have heard about the merger of two Spalding SEND (special educational needs and disability) at a recent meeting

The Tulip Academy is being created for the next school year by merging The Priory and The Garth schools, which will become the Waterside and Springview campuses.

It’s part of Lincolnshire County Council’s reorganisation of SEND education. Matt Bloodworth-Flatt, executive headteacher, along with Claire Moore, senior deputy headteacher, and Will Scott, deputy headteacher, welcomed everyone to the event.

Mr Bloodworth-Flatt said: “We had an excellent turn out, 39 parents and carers came to the event and we gave a presentation explaining that Tulip Academy Spalding will be a newly formed ‘all-needs’ school for children and young adults aged two to 19 with a range of learning difficulties and disabilities.

“We talked to parents about the school being situated over two campuses and an important part of the evening was to explain about the school’s new mission of ‘Making every Moment Matter’ putting learners first, preparing them for their future and developing knowledge and skills which will allow them to thrive in adult life.”

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