Pictures by Poacher Pictures.

Parade drive gets bang for bucks

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang flew into Spalding on Saturday to help raise money for the town’s flower parade.

The car was involved in a stage show production of the classic musical and has been renovated by parade organiser Steve Timewell and a team of volunteers.
It was in town on Saturday, March 23, to raise money and at 12pm there was an impromptu flashmob dance from Diamondz School of Dance pupils singing some of the songs from the musical.
More than £150 was raised for the parade.
Steve said: “The car certainly turned heads as it spread its wings and flashed its headlights.
“It’s all computer controlled and is an amazing piece of work.
“Saturday was an amazing day out.
“I was delighted with the turn out.
“It was so nice to see the Market Place buzzing and the dance team did us proud.”
“The whole Flower Parade adventure is just one big adrenaline rush.”

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