Pair’s violent parking argument left one unconscious

Two strangers are facing jail after a violent confrontation over parking which left one unconscious.

Appearing separately before District Judge Peter Veits at Boston Magistrates Court, Lee Seymour, 51, of Mansell Close and Tim Herd, 45, whose address was not listed, both admitted affray in the late evening incident on New Street in Spalding November 9.

Prosecuting, Lou Johnson said Herd had been thrown out of the Punchbowl public house at around 9.50pm because he was drunk and had sat down in a shop doorway outside the Hot ‘n Spicy takeaway.

She said Seymour then pulled up in his black Range Rover to pick up his daughter and parked in front of him and Herd went up to him and started arguing with him about where he had parked.

Ms Johnson said Seymour’s daughter had been unable to get into the car because Herd was standing in the way and there was a lot of swearing and arguing between the two men.

She said Seymour was heard to swear at Herd and say that he had threatened him with a knife which he had in his pocket and a fight developed between them outside the takeaway.

She said a knife was certainly in Herd’s possession and was removed by someone and taken into the takeaway restaurant

She said that after the initial fight, Herd was sitting on the pavement when Seymour, who had moved away, came across and first punched and then kicked Herd on the head in an unprovoked attack, rendering him unconscious, all of which had been recorded on CCTV.

Mitigating for Herd, Iona Hannahan said the knife, which Herd claimed he had taken out with him to eat a pizza after an evening’s drinking, and had certainly not been used in any sort of attack, had been removed from his pocket by someone.

She said Herd also claimed Seymour had ‘been aggressive’ from the outset.

Judge Veits warned both men they were facing custodial sentences and both were sent for sentence at Lincoln Crown Court on a date to be arranged and were allowed unconditional bail.

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