Other towns have not been forgotten

Measures that work in Spalding and Holbeach to improve the town centres will be rolled out to other parts of South Holland it’s been said amid worries other towns in the area have been forgotten.

While Town Improvement plans have been drawn up for those two towns, Coun Chris Brewis, South Holland District Council ward member for Sutton Bridge, has asked about other parts in the area including Long Sutton and Donington.
Emily Spicer’s South Holland District Council’s interim director for place said: “We recognise we have many towns in South Holland that absolutely need support and help.
“When the original town centre report came to council there was a thorough discussion around the towns that were included.
“Absolutely we haven’t forgotten them.
“What we need to do is test the principles. Obviously Spalding and Holbeach are our main towns that need support but it was around testing the principals of things we were going to undertake.
“For example any event that was successful then we were going to push them out to further towns to ensure they absolutely reap the benefits of that.
“It was more about let’s get the fundamentals right in Spalding and Holbeach first and then we can apply the strongest and most successful principals to other towns.”
Coun Brewis said: “I’m pleased to hear you haven’t forgotten the other towns as where we are we’re a fair way from Spalding and a fair distance from Holbeach as well.
“I’ll keep my fingers crossed.”

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