ALWAYS WITH US: Tydd St Giles senior club captain Trevor Sewell scatters Dennis Bonne's ashes on the 18th.

One last trip to the 18th hole at Tydd St Giles for late Dennis

Tydd St Giles Golf Club’s senior members got together last week to celebrate the life of one of their own.

Family members of popular golfer Dennis Bonne, who recently died aged 78, joined the Tydd players to scatter his ashes on the fringe of the 18th green at the club he loved so much.

Dennis’ wife Marian, daughter Vanessa and son-in-law Josh attended, with Marian revealing that he cherished his time at the club – especially the fun and friendly banter.

Tydd’s senior club captain Trevor Sewell scattered the ashes on what was a sad but memorable occasion for all involved.

* Senior section results: Monthly Medal: Division One – 1st Andy Betts 78-9=69; 2nd Peter Wheeler 82-12=70; 3rd Mick Vassall 81-10=71.
Division Two – 1st Steven Pead 85-19=66; 2nd Ken Parker 84-17=67; 3rd Ron Colledge 89-19=70.
Division Three – 1st David Abram 89-22=67; 2nd Barry Smith 95-26=69; 3rd Gary Brown 96-25=71.
Division Four – 1st Glen Wright 96-27=69; 2nd John Elliott 98-28=70; 3rd David Worrall 99-28=71 (ocb).
* Ladies’ section: Marshland Stores Trophy competition (pairs) – 1st Christine Burton & Lorraine Gallie 32pts; 2nd Lin Walker & Chelsea Petty 29pts; 3rd Petra Meir & Maria Taylor Vassall 25pts; 4th Sylvia Illsley & Chris Montague 22pts.

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