The current mast as seen on Google Street View.

‘OK’ signal for Telecoms mast

A new 25 metre telecoms mast in Crowland has been approved despite concerns over its closeness to a housing estate.

The structure at Pinnacle Close is to replace one that’s 170 metres away.
South Holland District Council planning officers told the planning committee last week that the original structure is more than two metres higher than the proposed one, and recommended the application be accepted.
There was an objection and Coun Bryan Alcock argued that the original mast was erected when a housing estate wasn’t so close.
“I know we need these and the reception in Crowland is rubbish, so any improvement will be welcome,” he said. “However when this came out for consultation it was notable they have failed to show what the thing looked like, and they’ve avoided a plan that shows there is a quite new residential development near to it.
“It’s not quite so horrendously ugly as the one that’s there but it’s going near residential homes.
“The view from that end of the development is not brilliant and this thing stuck in their eye line will make it even worse.
“We’d have a hell of a job to find a reason to remove the damn thing, but we need to learn that if we consider these things in future.
“There are sites that wouldn’t have an effect on residents, but we can’t consider those.
“I can’t find an extremely good reason to refuse it.” Councillors passed the application.
Coun Thomas Sneath: “The siting is predetermined and has to be put in places that cover the most population and make sure there’s no dead spots.
“Yes, they’re not pretty, but they’re there to do a purpose and make sure residents in the area have communications, be that emergency services or local residents.”

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