Cadance-Lilly, Rosie and Daisy Repper all ready for Halloween last year.

Novel Halloween idea for children

A Spalding mum-of-three has come up with a novel idea to keep Halloween safe and fun this year.

With COVID restrictions currently in place, trick or treating is being discouraged, so Michelle Repper has come up with the idea of Chasing Pumpkins.

She has got 45 streets involved so far and the idea is that residents put a pumpkin in their window or on their doorstep.

Instead of knocking on doors trick or treating, youngsters can walk around spotting the pumpkins from the street and parents give them a treat for every one they see.

Michelle said: “I have three daughters myself and every year we have around 50-70 kids round for a Halloween party.

“Because this year is a bit different, we thought we’d try chasing pumpkins in the same way we chased rainbows for the NHS.

“We have around 45 streets involved so far and I plan to do a pumpkin trail map for the kids to follow.”

The event will take place from October 26 to 31 and maps will be available from the Facebook page Chasing Pumpkins Spalding.

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