Moorhen at Springfields by Zandra Tiitso.

New bird hide set to open at Springfields

Nature lovers could flock to Springfields from next month as their brand new attraction launches.

A new bird hide is to be created at the shopping outlet and is due to open on June 6.

Not only will you be able to see the wildlife in the stunning Festival Gardens curated by the Springfields Horticultural Society but it’s planned to have live link CCTV screens sharing pictures from the RSPB reserve at Frampton Marsh and Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust sites at Gibraltar Point and Willow Tree Fen near Tongue End.

The Springfield birdlife has however delayed one new attraction that was due to be in place in time for the opening of the hide.

The fountains in the gardens are due to be upgraded, but that work has been delayed after it was found that two moorhens have made a nest in the fountain at the centre of the Long Pond.

When that work can be carried out will now depend on the moorhens.

A spokesman for Springfields, said: “The bird life in the Gardens and on the ponds is well worth a visit, including various breeds of duck and of course the famous moorhens.

“This year a pair of moorhens has decided to make their nest on the fountains, nice and safe in the middle of one of the Long Ponds. The fountains have of course been turned off and the new ones are waiting in storage to be installed only when Mrs Moorhen says it’s OK.

David Norton, chief executive of Springfields Horticultural Society said: “We always put our guests first and that includes our moorhens and their nest of eggs. We’ve been working hard to make this Spring one of the very best in the gardens with colour everywhere and look forward to welcoming everyone for free.”

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