Sir John Hayes, MP for South Holland and the Deepings.

MP won’t back tier system without assurances

Sir John Hayes has said he will vote against the tier system in the House of Commons today unless he receives written assurances that Lincolnshire’s tier will be reviewed on December 16.

The county has been allocated Tier 3 when the tier system starts from tomorrow and leaders across the district are fighting for a drop to Tier 2, saying the figures don’t support the stricter measures.

Sir John, who is MP for South Holland and the Deepings, has written to the Prime Minister and had meetings with Health Secretary Matt Hancock, urging them to reconsider the tier for his constituency.

He said: “I have put up the argument that levels are low and are falling and on the the basis of the evidence it’s ridiculous to put us in Tier 3.

“The government has got a very short time before the vote to convince me to go with it. I’m not going to support the government unless I have been given written assurances that Lincolnshire will be reconsidered in the December review. I want it in writing that the government will move us into Tier 2 at the first opportunity.

“I am determined to do right by our area. If I don’t get the letter I want, I won’t back them.

“They need to be reviewing the situation now with a view to changing our tier on December 16. It’s no good starting the review on December 16, we need that now.”

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