Nigel Brasier & Fiona Morgan from Spalding Constitutional Club

MP lends support at snooker day

A Donington man has celebrated his fifth charity snooker event.

Nigel Brasier held his latest snooker tournament on Saturday at Spalding Constitutional Club, in aid of fundraising and awareness for Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA).

Mr Brasier is affected by the condition himself and was joined on the day by Sir John Hayes MP, along with friends, family and a top crop of snooker players.

Mr Brasier said it was “another fantastic event”, celebrating its fifth year and the 40th anniversary of MNDA.

“Well done to Peter Ransome for winning and Chris Dunmore for runner up.

“Congratulations also to our semi finalists Neil Reynolds and John George.”

The highest break trophy went to Mr Reynolds.

Nigel added: “On behalf of myself and my family, we thank each and everyone of you from the bottom of our hearts who has taken part or donated to this worthy cause.

“You should all be proud to be helping others like myself and their families living with MND. I personally would like to thank Fiona Morgan for the venue, food and hard work to allow us to enjoy the day, Jodie Crowson for keeping order behind the bar, Kevin

Fitter for the prize money, Vince Fitter for the trophies, creating those two amazing hampers for the auction and constant emailing to gather raffle prizes.

“Tony Scully for his hard work helping with the score sheets and keeping the competition ticking over all day.

“My family for taking entry fees and taking care of the raffle.

“My good friend Helen Chambers for the amazing flower arrangements.

“Without all of you, this competition would never happen.”

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