Sam Fowler’s Royals Gym will open in August when he takes over the Limmings site from Patrick Limming (right).

Military precision renovation operation at new Holbeach gym

A former Royal Marine has set himself a new mission: help Holbeach get healthy.

At the start of August, Sam Fowler (30) from Whaplode will leave the Royal Marines and walk into his brand new gym.

Royals Gym is to take over the Fleet Road site currently held by home and garden centre, Limmings.
Limmings will close this Friday, June 29, and from the Monday it’s all-go as Sam races to turn the space into a gym in just a month.

“I think people will be quite surprised when they have a look post-transformation,” said Sam, visualising the new changing rooms, plumbing, aircon and gym kit.

This shouldn’t be too daunting a task though: determination is a characteristic intrinsic to Sam who is a world record holder champion powerlifter and qualified football coach.

He’ll throw himself into his mission and will offer the chance to share his knowledge and drive to customers, through personal training.

The gym will launch with male and female personal trainers and a dedicated area for women. A vital inclusion, Sam said.

“I’ve been involved in sport and fitness for a long time all over with the military and females not being as comfortable in main gym areas is quite a common thing. I want to offer somewhere for ladies to gain a bit of confidence before moving into the main area of the gym.”

Through the gym, Sam is keen to create a new group of competitors in all kinds of sport. He said the gym is also perfect for the casual or less-confident user, too.

“The gym will offer the regular strength and conditioning for your everyday gymgoer but for others looking to get into sports like powerlifting, Olympic lifting, strongman, functional fitness, bodybuilding, I’m going to offer the whole range with the intention of helping locals get into competitive sport.

“I’d like to coach, mentor and inspire people to compete as that’s a passion of mine.” Sam said, adding that everyone should have the chance to see what they excel at.

“Not everyone has the confidence to do so or the know-how to go about it and how to get into whatever that sport may be.”

“If I never had a crack at powerlifiting, if nobody gave me that opportunity, I’d never have got to the world championships. I’m just a lad from Whaplode so it is possible for anyone if given a push in the right direction.”

For training, Sam will draw upon his military background, personal drive and experience at international level competitions.

The gym will open 6am to 10pm on weekdays and 8am to 4pm weekends.

Membership costs £20 a month, with no joining fee. Other options are available, including pay-as-you-go.
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