CHANGES: The Voice will now be in Morrisons supermarket in Pinchbeck as well as returning to Tesco in Holbeach.

Message from The Voice team: Changes to how you can pick up our paper

It has been more than two years since we launched our free and independent newspaper across Spalding and South Holland.

In that time we have been delighted and proud of the support we have received from readers and advertisers.

We continue to receive good feedback on our weekly mix of news, features, sport and local advertising, relevant to our readers across the district.

Over the past two years we have delivered The Voice through thousands of doors in some areas of Spalding each week, with the majority of our papers being distributed through convenience stores, cafés, businesses and post offices in other towns and villages across South Holland.

Yet one of the things we hear over and over again is that the copies fly off the shelves so quickly that some people struggle to get one before supplies run out.

We want to tackle that and to that end we have taken the decision to stop delivering The Voice through doors to concentrate on getting it to those people who really want it.

It means that this (July 28, 2016) will be the last edition to be delivered through doors and, from next week, thousands more copies will be available to pick up – FOR FREE – from scores of locations across South Holland.

For the first time, we are able to add Morrisons supermarket in Pinchbeck to our pick-up points, as well as returning to Tesco in Holbeach.

Existing collection points will also have more copies available – including 1,000 papers at Wilko in Spalding – in an effort to ensure everyone who wants one is able to get hold of one.

We will continue to provide a valuable service to the South Holland community and look forward to your continued support.

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