TEAM EFFORT: Halmer Harriers had plenty of runners contesting the Woodhall Spa 10k event on Sunday.

Martin sets the pace for Halmer Harriers at Woodhall Spa 10k event

The Halmer Harriers were out in force at the Woodhall Spa 10k event on Sunday.

The quickest runners for the Spalding-based club were Martin Wallis (44.40mins), Colin Crump (47.54mins) and Jordan Wallis (48.16mins), while Louise Southgate (51.44mins) was the quickest of the women to complete the course.

Halmer Harriers times at Woodhall Spa 10k: Martin Wallis 44.40mins; Colin Crump 47.54mins; Jordan Wallis 48.16mins; Ade Mills 51.20mins; Louise Southgate 51.44mins; Di Morris 53.44mins; Brian Ogden 54.47mins; Marie Sampson 55.45mins; Zoe Parla 1.01.05hrs; Tim Baxter 1.01.17hrs; Katy Hopkins 1.03.38hrs; Alison Louis 1.04.06hrs; Di Lettice 1.04.33hrs; Dawn Allen 1.04.45hrs; Angela Penketh-Robins 1.05.28hrs; Andrea Cooke 1.07.21hrs; Fiona Thomas 1.07.50hrs; Vanessa Smithson 1.11.47hrs; Pete Southgate 1.17.16hrs; Katie Baxter 1.21.11hrs; Kizzy Ricket 1.21.10hrs.

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