Boston Magistrates Court as seen on Google Streetview

Man who assaulted police officer fined

A court has heard how a 25-year-old Spalding man twice pushed a police officer in the chest as the officer tried to protect a distraught girl from a crowd exiting a town night spot.

Boston Magistrates Court heard how officers were on duty outside the night club in West Lode Street at 3.30am on August 10 to ensure the safe dispersal of clubbers as they left the premises.

Prosecuting, Paul Wood said that a ‘very drunk and vocal lady’ was sitting on the ground, sobbing uncontrollably, and PC Steve Kirtley stood between her and the crowd in order to protect her.

He said that David Michael Fuller of Ayscough Avenue came out of the club and ran towards the officer, barging into him.

He said the officer tried to move him away but Fuller pushed him with both arms forcing him to step backwards and then, after PC Kirtley had warned Fuller not to push him, did so again and this time also clenched his fists, after which he was arrested for assault.

Michele Elvin, mitigating for Fuller, who admitted the assault on the officer, had been out with friends and the girl, who had been one of the party, had become upset and he had tried to get to her.

She said Fuller was deaf in one ear and may not have heard the officer telling him not to push him.

The magistrates said police officers had their duty to do without being assaulted and ordered Fuller to pay him £50 compensation, as well as a fine of £120 and £117 in costs and charges.

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