Man tells court he’s given up drink after assaulting police officer

A Spalding man, who smashed his handcuffed wrists down on a policeman’s hands, has been given a suspended prison sentence.

Mantas Stirbys, 41, of Lansdowne Court admitted being drunk and disorderly as well as assaulting a police officer, when he appeared before District Judge Peter Veits sitting at Boston Magistrates Court.

Lou Johnson, prosecuting, said police went to a Spalding night club in Westlode Street at 2.30am on April 3 after being told a man had been refused entry and was ‘getting agitated’ outside the club.

She said the officers tried to get him to leave the scene on multiple occasions, even offering him a lift home, but he refused and became more agitated until they had to arrest him.

She said he resisted arrest and was aggressive and smashed his handcuffed wrists down onto an officer’s hands.

She said that afterwards he was ‘very remorseful and apologetic’.

Daven Naghen, mitigating, said Stirbys had not drunk alcohol for nearly seven years but he had started drinking again after his wife left.

“It is his desire never to drink again,” he said.

He sentenced him to 10 weeks in prison but suspended the sentence for a year and ordered him to pay £100 compensation to the officer and a total of £213 in court costs and charges.

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