Man fined for drunkenly swinging metal bar around when confronted by police

Police officers threatened to tasar a drunk man wielding a wheelbrace in Pinchbeck, a court has heard.

Anthony Corrigan, 29, of St Johns Road, Weston Hills admitted possessing an offensive
weapon when he appeared before magistrates in Boston.

Marie Stace, prosecuting, said officers were confronted by Corrigan when they attended the incident on
July 17.

She said he was shouting and swearing and swinging the two foot bar around.

Ms Stace said he asked the officers to ‘shoot’ or ‘Taser’ him, saying he was ‘all right until that bitch found

She said that when officers gave him the warning he could be Tasered, he threw the bar away and was

She said he told them he had had a row with his wife in a pub and after she had taken away his car keys,
he went to the car and got a wheelbrace out and that is what he had been waving around but with no
intention of hurting anyone.

Kerry Close, mitigating, said Corrigan had suffered a deterioration in his mental health as a result of his
marital breakdown and a constant pain in his back, but did accept he had been drunk that night.

She pointed out that possessing a wheelbrace in public is not an offence in itself and that he was 10
metres away from the officers when he was swinging it around so it was never his intention to hurt
anyone but himself.

He was fined £366 and ordered to pay a total of £231 in court costs and charges.

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