Delicja on Westlode Street.

Licence transfer refused for Spalding shop

A man who “shows a level of disregard for authority” has been denied the transfer of a Premises Licence by the district council.

At last week’s November Panel of the Committee of the Licensing Authority meeting, an application to transfer a Premises Licence at the Delicja shop on Westlode Street, Spalding.

The application was to transfer the premises licence from Mohammad Salih Attuf to applicant Aram Salar.

After evidence was presented by Lincolnshire Police at the hearing, the panel took Mr Salar’s “concerning” history into account and refused the transfer.

The decision notice said: “The applicant accepted that he had previously been involved in the sale of non-duty paid cigarettes.

“The applicant claimed he had been under a level of duress and that he did not understand the seriousness of being involved in non-duty paid cigarettes.”

The police notice of objection listed the force’s reasons for intervention, including details of the current licence: “Delicja is a premises whose licence Lincolnshire Police has applied to be reviewing due to non-compliance, illegal working, and concerns in relation to beer pricing.”

The panel described the police intervention in the application process as “exceptional” but relevant due to the town’s problem with illegal cigarettes.

It said: “Whilst the applicant was not convicted in respect of the tobacco offences, the fact that he pleaded guilty to a bail act offence of failing to surrender without reasonable excuse shows a level of disregard for authority.

“The fact a court imposed a prison sentence for that offence shows that the breach of bail was serious.

“Of additional concern is that the applicant claimed to have taken over the premises from July 2019 but since then there has been a test purchase operation showing a sale to an underage person.

“Some of the explanations put forward by the applicant did not stand up to scrutiny.”

The panel said it rejected the application in order to promote the crime prevention objective.”

The applicant has a 21-day right of appeal.

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