LETTERS – Why can’t money be borrowed?

I was interested to read the article in The Voice dated July 2, about Spalding’s Western Relief Road and Coun Richard Davies’ comments about how it would be ‘incredibly difficult’ to finance the middle sections of the road.

I cannot see where the problem is.

It has been proved in the coronavirus emergency that money, if the political will is there, is no object.

Why therefore cannot all the bypass be built now in one go using borrowed money and as planning permission is granted for development either side of the road developers pay back the cost of their section of the bypass including the proportional interest?

In the first instance we’ll have a western bypass from day one (and not two cul-de-sacs which what is currently proposed) and at the end of the project we’ll have a road at no cost to the ratepayers of Spalding – job done!

Mike Chapman

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