LETTERS – Wheelie bins – all in all a bad idea!

I refer to council leader Nick Worth’s article regarding the possible introduction of wheelie bins to the South Holland area (Voice May 23)
I realise that partners East Lindsey and South Kesteven already have the bins in situ and he feels for cost purposes, we here, would be better off if we went down the same road when a law change comes into effect in 2026 for food waste.
But, I beg to differ. Explain the cost effectiveness of purchasing thousands of new and replacement bins to every household? Then the new or adapted lorries to cater for these bins. Instead of mere black and recycling bags. Then there’s the elongated time of collection.
Plus, the eyesore of row upon row of different colour bins outside properties that are unable to take them off the pavement for whatever reason.
This in itself is detrimental to the safety of mobility scooters, wheelchairs, the blind, elderly and prams all of which have to then navigate the actual road to get past – very dangerous.
I live in a road of 15 properties. The refuse collectors clear our bags in two minutes! I dread to think how long it will take to do other roads and congestion that this will cause including the extra emissions!
All in all a bad idea, unless Nick Worth can explain it differently?

Denise Davis
via email

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