LETTERS – What is our money used for?

What is the council actually spending our money on?

  1. Clearing up the rubbish in verges and streets. NO
  2. Clearing paths that are in-passable or overgrown. NO.
  3. Clearing weeds and overgrown trees blocking road signs. NO.
  4. Clearing weeds from kerbs that are blocking drainage. NO.
  5. Emptying overflowing rubbish bins in our laybys. NO.
  6. Re-surfacing the disgusting state of our roads. NO.
  7. Collecting fridges, mattresses, and other household items left in our streets. NO.
  8. Take care of the pavements and cycle paths that we have. NO.
  9. Coming up with ridiculous schemes to transform the town centre in a bike race track. YES.
  10. Close Two Plank Lane for 18 months to replace a bridge that should take six months. YES.
  11. Accept a ridiculous amount of planning applications for the area. YES.
    You cannot look after what you already have without expanding with cramped housing estates and no infrastructure.
    Hopefully COVID is now coming to an end so the council can come out of hibernation, have a look at what each highly paid member actually does and start cleaning Spalding and surrounding areas up because it is disgusting.
    What are you actually spending our money on?

Philip Tweddell
via email

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