LETTERS – We’re only leaving the EU, not friends

I find it odd that Mr Meekings (Voice February 13) in quoting Mr Sloan (Voice February 6) seems to think that we are leaving our ‘closest friends and neighbours’.

I was under the impression that we were only leaving the EU. I am certain that the ballot paper I voted with asked me if I wanted to stay or leave the EU.

I cannot recall any suggestion that we are leaving our European friends as we are not leaving Europe just the rules and regulations of the EU.

If Mr Meekings is referring to the Eurocrats that run the EU as our friends and neighbours then of course he is correct but if, as I suspect, he means all the European people then he is patently wrong.

Can I also refer Mr Acland (Voice February 13) to the website Lincolnshire JSNA – Life Expectancy and there he will find an article showing that in Lincolnshire the life expectancy is as follows: Men 78.3 years Women 82 years against the national average of the UK which is Men 78.18 years and Women 82.23 years.

Although these figures are ten years old I would claim that us ‘oldies’ in Lincolnshire are doing a lot better than Mr Meekings implies.

Alan Hammersley

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