LETTERS – Thanks to pharmacy for support

In reply to Paul Denwood’s letter regarding Nene Pharmacy last week, I feel all the patients and customers of this business owe him, and his staff a huge debt of gratitude, and heartfelt thanks for the incredible service and support they provide.

Having worked with Paul a couple of years ago I know just how continually busy and intense the pharmacy is.

The concentration and dedication required is of the highest standard. This is serious medication being dispensed and distributed, where any slips up could result in serious consequences.

To see the volume of business probably double, maybe more, coupled with government guidelines on social distancing having to be enforced due to COVID-19, must have made the pressure on them relentless and very stressful.

Yet, they still cope, serving everyone with a smile, calmness, and a courtesy, that has become their hallmark.

While on the subject I think it’s also appropriate to show our gratitude and thanks to our wonderful GPs and local surgeries, again, people working and coping under extreme pressure, whilst also having to treat a whole host of other, unrelated illnesses and problems.

Let’s thank the NHS workers nationally of course, but let’s also remember these local, caring, dedicated workers who put their own lives on the line to keep us all safe and well in these troubled times.

John and Lesley Issott

Lancaster Drive

Long Sutton

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