LETTERS – Survival of Conservatives

Boris claims to be close to a deal.

This appears to be a cunning plan to win the GE by pretending May’s surrender treaty with minor NI cosmetic changes is Brexit

It’s not about freedom from the EU but the survival of the Conservative party with Boris remaining PM.

I guess it’s just possible the Remainers in the Commons will like it enough to approve the ghastly thing but Leave supporters will not accept it. Nor will they accept yet another extension that allows Boris to sneak in an election before any deal of any sort is fully approved.

We don’t know the details yet but in principal anything that Brussels agrees will not be in our interests. Sadly the overriding aim for them is prevent any other nation from leaving, by making things as difficult as possible for the UK.

In addition we need to change Parliament, not keep most of the old one and if MPs accept this proposal they will be doing so to keep their jobs.

We need a government that can manage to balance fiscal responsibility with genuine concern for our working poor and underprivileged, that understands that climate change must be weighed against economic survival, puts our own nation first and avoids supporting the settlement of international disputes with warfare, death and destruction.

Paul Foyster
Brexit Party Co-ordinator Holbeach

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