LETTERS – Summer break should be halved

I am writing this letter regarding coronavirus and school holidays.

School children in the UK as we all know by September will have been absent from school due to coronavirus for six months.

Home schooling has been in operation along with parents doing an excellent job, plus working from home themselves.

This virus is declining very slowly (although still there, which we have to be aware of), however children should now be back at school (all children).

I do appreciate teachers have been working in schools since March and continue to do so.

We now have an extra six weeks summer school holiday looming and I think this coming six weeks should be split – three weeks back in school and three weeks holiday (not six).

Children do not need a further six weeks off school.

Teachers need their holidays, I agree, but they do have 13 weeks holiday a year.

Pretty good compared with the rest of the UK!

Come on teachers – this is children’s education at stake!

Julia Fairman

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